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Purchasing support with Procurement Assistance Services

With a decrease in personnel and the aging of existing equipment, the backlog of needed items can easily become a huge burden. Our procurement assistance service is designed to assist your purchasing department with sourcing and ordering critical items, so you can focus on the the rest of your business.

We’re already familiar with the products that will boost your effeciency and quality – allow Midwest Print Solutions to take the burden off your purchasing department!

Allow our industry expertise to give you an advantage

With over 30+ years on engineering experience in the printing and converting industries, we are the experts you need to make sure your critical systems stay in operation. Our team will do the research to find the best items and prices for your unique requirements.

We will develop and present a plan for your backlog of needed components, and only once approved will we purchase the equipment. After purchase we will even install the products for you. Let us do what we do best, so you have time for the rest.

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